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Asciible serves a very simple, yet very common need. If you're one of the many web developers who thinks you'll puke if you have to type & one more time, then Asciible is for you.

Asciible is not the first online utility to offer ascii encoding, but I have made it my goal to make it the best! Asciible stands out in two ways: speed and flexibility.

My first goal was for Asciible to be blazingly fast. In my tests, Firefox 2 is able to rip through a 250,000 character input in under 700 milliseconds (Firefox 3 improves on this). The highly optimized regular expression engine in Internet Explorer takes less than 70 milliseconds.

My second priority was to make it highly customizable. I don't presume to know what your exact needs are, so I have tried to make it as flexible as possible. If the output isn't what you need, then try playing with the options. If you need something beyond what it currently offers, just let me know!

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